Difficult to master...

Easy to learn. Almost every mechanic that exists in the game is layered with levels of depth which will keep even the most hardcore veterans and theorycrafters entertained. Designed by professional CCG players, who are fed up with the carbon copy cash grab clones which are plaguing the genre

More Skill, Less RNG

More meaningful decisions. One example: the way your life ties to your resources, which ultimately costs your hero life everytime you draw a card. Additionally, you don't just draw one card per turn, your only limit is the number of resources you have generated. See the basic mechanics video for a better explanation.

Take control of your fate.

The fate system is one of the many mechanics that is layered with depth, and puts an end to mindless RNG systems, while introducing the concept of ``controllable randomness``. Think of it as playing blackjack, but with cards which when played can also manipulate the values of the cards you reveal, or even the dealers cards

Basic Mechanics

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