Over 300 cards and counting, exciting game mode announcement soon! (Short story and artwork to celebrate)

We realized today that we have surpassed over 300 cards in the game, that will be playable at launch, and figured that warranted a post! Much care and consideration has gone into the design and direction of the cards in general, (maybe even too much to be honest), but we promise it will be worth […]

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Gameplay trailer coverage on MMOHuts.com

MMOHuts.com recently published an article about our gameplay trailer reveal, go check it out below! MMOHuts Dark Matter Gameplay Trailer Reveal Article

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Official Gameplay Montage Preview Trailer

Without further ado, we present to you, the Dark Matter gameplay montage trailer. Featuring a full length song from the soundtrack, check out some clips of actual gameplay which will hopefully get you as excited about the game as we are! That brings the total songs from the soundtrack we’ve spoiled up to 5. The […]

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Icon / Keyword Abilities Preview

Here is an overview of the Icon/Keyword abilities in Dark Matter. As a bonus, you get to preview a couple of songs off the soundtrack! Note this does not represent a final list of the keyword abilities in the first set

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Basic Mechanics Video

We’ve released the basic mechanics video. Featuring two songs off the soundtrack, it will teach you the basic mechanics that form the foundation of Dark Matter. Check it out below!

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Development Update, gameplay trailer coming soon, client overhaul

First of all, we’ve been bad about updating the site, but for good reasons. We’ve been busy improving the game, and have spent the past few months redoing the visual FX, drastically improving performance, and putting in awesome new cards, all while continuing to pump out new artwork and fixing bugs. If you saw the […]

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