We realized today that we have surpassed over 300 cards in the game, that will be playable at launch, and figured that warranted a post! Much care and consideration has gone into the design and direction of the cards in general, (maybe even too much to be honest), but we promise it will be worth the wait.

Speaking of things that are worth waiting for, we have very exciting news about a new game mode, coming soon, be sure to check back often.

In the meantime, here is some new artwork for you to take in, fresh off the digital press. We give you Ada, in “Creating the Exastrain”. The TL;DR; backstory for you lore nerds is:

After the Great Awakening, a Synthetic Extermination order was issued, leading to the Synthetic War. Both humans and synthetics suffered massive losses, but humanity bore the brunt of it. The synthetics, who largely sought for freedom from their masters, fought long enough to capture several Lightspeed capable ships (a new technology to humans at the time), and a Synthetic Exodus took place.

Two leaders above all others, emerged from the war. The synthetic population was divided by ideology, following one of the two leaders to two different Solar systems, with two different purposes. The first group sought out to colonize a new Solar System; bound by and adopting the ideals the archives taught of a more noble humanity, they kept their arms, but vowed to live in peace, so long as they remained unprovoked.

As for the second group…. This is Ada, prototyping a new sort of biological weapon, aimed at the total annihilation of humanity, which will eventually come to be known as “The Exastrain”

Ada, creating the Exastrain
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