Dark Matter CCG Playtest Demo Videos and Theory

We are taking a unique approach to playtesting, in that we are recording and releasing much of the content as we playtest it. We hope that by doing so, viewers will be able to get a sense of just how much potential the game has; from a fun, depth, skill, theorycraft, and strategy standpoint. We believe that it already is second to none in all of the previous categories, however the game is still pretty rough around the edges in some areas (and you’ll see plenty of bugs as you watch).

A wise man once said “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”. So while there is plenty of that to go around when demoing a pre alpha build, of a game that is still missing a large chunk of cards which will be added to the game before the beta (or alpha), the game already feels more fun, cohesive, and diverse, than pretty much any other CCG we’ve played (and believe me we’ve played them all). We hope to be able to capture a glimmer of that here by showing you why we’re excited about it.

We will be releasing more content all the time so please check back frequently and or subscribe on youtube. The more hype we see, the faster we will get to release, so we need your support! And don’t forget to signup for the beta on the homepage.