Battle MILLIONS of AI Opponents

Battle state of the art AI opponents with unique decks, skill tree loadouts, and personalities. If you manage to create the ultimate deck, you may even find your deck/skill tree being cloned by an AI, weaponizing your genius against your fellow human players

Over a BILLION skill tree paths

Win battles, earn credits to buy cards. Level up and earn skill points. Spend those skill points on a massive skill tree with BILLIONS of possible combinations

Take control of your fate.

The fate system is one of the many unique mechanics of Dark Matter; this one introduces the concept of ``controllable randomness``. Think of it as playing blackjack, but with cards which when played can manipulate the values of the cards you, or the dealer reveals

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Basic Mechanics Video

Learn the basic mechanics that form the foundation of Dark Matter. Check it out below!

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The next generation of digital card games

Exclusively for Mac and Windows

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