First of all, we’ve been bad about updating the site, but for good reasons. We’ve been busy improving the game, and have spent the past few months redoing the visual FX, drastically improving performance, and putting in awesome new cards, all while continuing to pump out new artwork and fixing bugs. If you saw the first iteration of the client a couple of months ago, be sure to give it another look as it looks and runs 10x better, and is constantly improving.

That said we should be updating more frequently, and have exciting new content to share. The first piece of which will be a fast paced gameplay trailer, that will hopefully intrigue you into watching the more technical introduction videos. We’ve come to the conclusion that trying to EXPLAIN upfront all the reasons why the game is so awesome without showing you a taste of it, might not be the best strategy.

We are also redoing the game mechanics video, as well as the breakdown of the abilities, as they were recorded over a few months ago, and the game looks so much different now.

We hope to have the new gameplay trailer out this weekend, and the mechanics/ability breakdown videos redone by early next week. Be sure to follow on Instagram also, as that’s been the one channel we haven’t been terrible about updating.

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